Participation for Social Inclusion

FLA-Kultur / Die Bäckerei

14th-28th March 2014

This job shadowing provided the cooperation between two organizations
from Donzac (Fr) and Innsbruck (At) in the framework of the YOUTH IN
ACTION Program. This activity hold in Innsbruck during 14 days in
Jannuary 2014. It aimed to bring together two partners of European
professionals who were engaged in fields of youth work in art for
inclusion/participation and in open space (alternative places to
precarious youth stigmatization).

Fla-Kultur (Fr) by their experiences through art and inclusion and the
Bäckerei (At) by their venues in Innsbruck and their experiences
through participation and inclusion wanted to learn about a particular
occupation (participation of youth people), reach new competences,
discover different ways of working, exchange new practices and build
new partnerships for future local an european projects.

As an observer, the French participant got a precious idea of the role
the Bäckerei in the participation and inclusion process and also
understand the work and idea behind the Bäckerei project. As an
observer, the French participant was present in the daily activities:
workshop, meeting, events, youth participation project and involved in
discussions of the youthwork in Austria and France...