STOCK EINS - Coworking

Our Coworking space aims to give room to those, who want to work in a extendet environment and to participate in a network.


STOCK EINS if not founded on the idea that gathering a maximum amount of people from the same creative scene yields maximum output. In order to gain a wider spectrum of approaches, different branches should act simultaneously and side by side. Thus we also do not have a predefined target group.

STOCK EINS wants to create a new awareness by means of collision, pooling and marking of ways of working. This implies new, interdisciplinary concepts of thoughts and, by doing so, also creates new skills.


Desk per day                                € 10,00
Desk per week                              € 40,00
Desk per month                           € 130,00
Block of 10                                   € 90,00
Team - Desk (3 people)               € 350,00

Locker per day                                € 2,00
Locker per week                             € 5,00
Locker per month                          € 10,00

lockable drawer                             € 10,00

There are 15 work-spaces in total.
Testphase: erster Probemonat € 100,00

* We don't work profit-oriented but use the rent to cover the occupancy costs.


Julia and David from and usually at Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube.
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