Use of rooms

The association’s name Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube reflects the past and the future ways of dealing with the facilities. The former industrial bakery becomes a bakery for art and culture.

As a vital platform Die Bäckerei wants to vitalize the urban space and to support cultural exchange. Projects with flexible concepts are preferred, as they usually adjust to the versatile potential of the accomodable room.*

„What is happening in here?“ - Die Bäckerei and its program

Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube is a space which offers people the possibility to realize their ideas. In conjunction with our team, projects can be developed, organized and carried out. At the same time as many people as possible should be reached and involved. The purpose of an event should not solely be entertainment, but also the merging of various groups and ideas. We especially support formats that can be co-created by the audience and open up new points of view. Thereby both organizers and visitors become a part of Die Bäckerei and actively shape its program.

In order to realize an event or a project at the Bäckerei, organizers provide a concept and/or discuss the ideas with the Bäckerei staff. Afterwards the possibilities of the handed in concepts are discussed internally.
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* In order to keep the rooms flexible and accessible, there is no intention to host long-term ateliers at the moment. However, in the course of temporary projects and workshops the rooms should indeed become production facilities.

* It is not intended to host private festivities, big concerts and the like, due to the already existing possibilities and also due to architectonical reasons.