Bäckerei Photo laboratory

A ray of light within the darkness.

The first floor Die Bäckerei recently gained a new working space for photo enthusiasts: a former kitchen was converted into a fully equipped darkroom.

The room is accomodated as follows:

* various condenser enlargers:
Kaiser Autofocus VCE 7000 AF (colour)  
Durst CLS 450 (colour) 
Durst 805 M (black/white) 
Lenses: 50mm and 80mm for magnification up to 6x6

* Tweezers for working purposes and for hanging up the photos
* Measuring cylinders (various sizes)
* Film processing trays (various sizes)
* Funnels
* Darkroom easels
* Timers
* Multigrade-Filters
* Laboratory lock
* dark-room illumination
* a large sink

..and much more

Additionally, we offer all necessary chemicals and photo paper. The laboratory is available for all photo enthusiasts, who want to process their pictures and already gained a bit of experience. We charge a standard fee and small contribution the amount of used chemicals. It is however also possible to use private chemicals and photo paper in the laboratory.

Introductory courses for beginners of analog photo processing are also offered. 

If you are interested or there are any questions, please get in touch: baeckereifoto[at]gmail[dot]com

You can book the photo laboratory for a specific date here: