Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube

Die Bäckerei is a vital platform for cultural and social exchange. As a dynamic space it brings together aspects of communication, production and presentation. It is a space that does not want to narrow itself down precisely, but is created by its users and tries to make them the dynamic core of the facility. Die Bäckerei can and should be a place for experiments and an institution that can flexibly adjust itself to various purposes and needs.

Die Bäckerei is possibility, stimulus and trigger. Its users become its agents, thus the facility creates new sources of creativity and has a positive effect on the city and its cultural scene. All people involved should consider themselves to be parts of a whole. In the course of this process, not only individual projects shall be implemented by experiment, but the overall structure may be changed as well.


Die Bäckerei offers the possibility to realize and present various ideas. At the same time the peculiarities of the facility should be considered by the individual operators and ideally be included in the concept of the project.

Events are supervised, discussed and implemented together. This causes not only exchange between all projects, groups and individuals involved, but also an extension of the respective network.


People work on projects at Die Bäckerei all year – mentally, in workshops and in between as well.

Not only new formats of events are produced, but rather new networks, perspectives and approaches. They should also exceed Die Bäckerei if possible and create new and innovative patterns of thoughts, connections and forms of working. This causes a new level of attention, not only concerning each other, but also one’s own interests, competences and possibilities.
Die Bäckerei offers room for dialogue, interaction and participation. Ideally it creates interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary projects that transgress genres. The cooperation extends mental perspectives and supports mutual inspiration, critique and correction.


Via all participants, Die Bäckerei generates a cultural network, that (inter)acts on a reagional and supraregional level. Connections between institutions, groups, cities and creative forces should be mobilized and not only lead to new projects, but also to a new form of cultural attention.

By combining network, event and production rooms, everything that is produced, presented or communicated is transported to the outside. This includes both the urban and virtual space and also the space of action of various interest groups.

The identity of the Bäckerei consists of what is create inside of it. A development of urban space forms its charater. One who participates in a cultural network changes it.