Ein Hinterstübchen

Shared workshop – project room – workshops – D.I.Y. – experiments – exchange
Höttingergasse 32

The idea behind the project is to offer shared workspaces for professional craftsmen, designers and DIY’ers. At the same time knowledge and skills are passed on through workshops.

The synergy of production, design and participation supports creative potentials and also creates innovative stimuli for the people involved. Furthermore it provides the population with new qualifications and sustainable competences. This process should in its further development have a positive impact on the regional creative community. Ideally, EinHinterstübchen together with Die Bäckerei should add to a considerate awareness, offer innovative problem solving approaches and by doing so have a positive impact on society.

This well-qualified group of people does not only develop itself further on a personal level, but also, by realizing small-scale projects, works on the global situation.