Fingerstyle / Rhythm Guitar Workshop

Donnerstag 29.10. 18:00


The class will center around techniques, both traditional and non-traditional forms of guitar drum playing and finger-style playing. Beginners to advanced players may benefit from a different approach and idea sharing of guitar playing. Classical, electric and western guitars are all welcome. Some techniques may apply to banjo, ukulele or mandolin. Recording or camera devices are welcomed. Bring a capo if you have one. Class price €30



Cristian Romero with nearly 20 years of guitar playing and learning experience, culminated in a varying degree of musical interests from jazz to African blues. Rhythm and groove centered playing with different types of finger-styles.
Instagram @crissthiss

Marc Perin is a acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. His style is influenced by Rodrigo y Gabriela, Andrea Valeri and Tommy Emmanuel. Thus, percussive elements and fingerpicking is what he loves doing.