Monatsausstellung: Natália Zajačiková

zu sehen von 5.4. bis 29.4. zu den Bäckerei Öffnungszeiten

The constant feeling of being unloved, the constant feeling of unloved being.

"My time in Berlin was a living mess. A mess full of depression, panic attacks, anxiety attacks which
sometimes led to vomiting and suicidal thoughts. I had been running for many years and here was all
of it, waiting for me. As an Eastern European I was taught that you have to manage, no matter what;
that life sucks and it’s not fair anyway. Just deal with it.
But I got tired of hearing that it’s “just winter and shitty weather” and that I should talk to my friends
and have fun. And in Berlin it’s easy to have friends when it comes to partying and having fun…but
what about the moments when you feel undone…
I still have 10 undeveloped film roles, I can’t even remember what I shot during the winter. But truth
be told making photos was the only thing which was holding me together. So, I was curious to see
what would appear on the film material, once I got access to a dark room. This exhibition is a combination of older photographs, the undeveloped film and recent work."