Living room sessions: Austin Miller (US)

Mittwoch, 31.10. 20:00

Austin Miller ist ein Singer/Songwriter aus Florida, der nicht mehr als seine Stimme und seine Gitarre braucht, um das Publikum mit straßentauglichen Songs durch Amerika zu begleiten. Spontan und tief empfunden klingen seine Lieder, welche den/die Zuhörer*in tagträumend zurücklassen und mit einem Hauch von Neil Young und Iron & Wine umgeben.


Austin Miller’s interest in music emerged at a young age. Raised all-American on Springsteen, Petty, and piano lessons starting at 3 years old, there was rarely a moment when a radio wasn’t playing or a record wasn’t spinning. But it wasn’t until college that he began putting pen to paper, thanks to a week-long Dylan binge.

Today, those influences have been met with a short history of shows spanning 40 states and 13 countries. 

Miller exerts a worldliness beyond his 28 years -- not only in his confident croon, but also in his rambling rhythm and thoughtful guitar work.Over the years, inspiration has continued to strike just like that original Dylan-fueled kick did: without warning, yet beautifully timed.

It’s the combination of lonely stretches of highway between gigs out west, or short amount of time at home before wanting to get back on the road, that these songs come to fruition. 

When he finds the time to reflect, it results in a certain nostalgic and refreshing take on the classic Americana from which he draws so much influence.In comes “Engine”: his third and most ambitious album yet, on which Miller exudes his stories of love and loss in understated, calculated, and skillfully-crafted hooks that leave listeners with just the right taste of melancholy in their mouths.

Eintritt: 5/7 oder 9 Euro (nach eigenem Ermessen)