DNAture / international music and dance performance

Freitag, 21.9. 20:00

Ein Tanz- und Musikimprovisationsstück, bei dem sich Tänzer*innen und Musiker*innen treffen, um die verschiedenen, natürlichen Rhythmen männlicher und weiblicher Aspekte zu ergründen.

Es eröffnet sich eine Möglichkeit für Künstler*innen und Publikum, die Effekte von äusseren Verbindungen/Einflüssen auf das Körperinnere zu beobachten und zu erfahren. Das Publikum wird in den kreativen Prozess eingebunden.

 “Does time exist? Our brains can create this perspective of life. It doesn’t matter which day, month or year now. If humans were like animals, they wouldn’t have any calender for comparing life experience and for marking special days. Nothing. Just the “here and now” would exist.

For our brain it’s impossible. We invent our own world… What if our brain did not have this function - and only nature? What is hidden in our DNA? How does this affect how our brains perceive life? How far away are we from living our true natural inner nature? How untamed nature becomes chaos.

We try to organise and control aspects of life (events that are fixed by memory); we try to put order into the material world and even to structure our inner life… memories that trigger feelings and emotions… ?

How can we make the nature inside of us tidy? What is growing inside of us? What is it showing me?

Is there forest? … a forest of grief?

Are there cliffs? … rocks where illusions are crushed?

Is there a jungle inside of us? …a jungle of a million thoughts?

How much water is contained inside? … dirty or clean water? an ocean in the storm? a meandering

river or a calm lake?

Nature and our true inner Nature…...DNA, Humans, Connection, dis-connection; in harmony or disharmony with the nature that is connecting and part of us all. What brings us closer to our natural authentic rhythm and what obstructs us?

Eintritt: 12/15 Euro (nach eigenem Ermessen)