Akustik: Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave (†) + Buddy Zombie (†)

Sonntag 4.05. 20:00

On the 4th of May, the death garage rockers Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave and Buddy Zombie shall take over Die Bäckerei. Two one-man bands creating a massacre of rock 'n roll, trash, garage and pop sensibility. This event is not to be missed.

Dead Elvis is the undisputed king of zombie one man rock n roll. Ever since his resurrection he's been playing furious shows all over the globe, from Brasil to Japan. He singlehandedly turned small clubs, big festivals and smelly bars into sweaty, trashin' garage battlefields. When he's not on the road he runs the kickass record label Monster Mash Records. But when he's on the road, he's taking names, not prisoners. He already took the roof off the PMK last year and now it's up to Die Bäckerei to burn, twist and boogie. Mash it up with the Dead man!

Warming up the crowd for all this madness, is the one and only Buddy Zombie. He too resurrected from the death to smoothen up the place with his sexy poppy garage rock n roll. Catchy songs about spicy side of love. Romance and true love, dirty, direct and honest. Guitar, snare, bass and vocals, it will have to do. Buddy is dead, long live Buddy!

Party hosted by Mutiny! & Die Bäckerei

Sonntag 20:00