Monatsausstellung is an important part of Die Bäckerei cultural program. Creators are invited to submit a proposal to the permanent open call, which accepts applications on a rolling basis.

The “Monatsausstellung” comprises a monthly exhibition series during the year in order to encourage participation of creative people in the community. Moreover, the “Monatsausstellung” format is designed to foster local and international creators through the production and presentation of their artwork in Die Bäckerei. In addition, this exhibition opportunity contributes to the development of the people involved in the arts by bringing visibility to their activity and empowerment for their further artistic development.

The program also offers the possibility to realize a process of investigation in order to create site-specific projects. For the production part and investigation process, participants can use the facilities of Die Bäckerei. Creators are welcome to explore and experiment with the building, its history or its surroundings, including the local community. For the presentation part, Die Bäckerei plays the role of a mediator between the creative actors and the audience, offering a platform to experience art, supporting exchange and networking, cultural diversity and people´s creativity.

Exhibitions are displayed in the gallery Schräger-Gang of Die Bäckerei. This program is an open space for emerging and established artists. It showcases the different disciplines of visual arts.

The open call for participating is ongoing, creators can apply at any time of the year. The exhibition and presentation periods are split into two seasons, the first extends from February to June and the second from September to November. The staff reserves the right to assign a specific month for each exhibition, depending on the number of applicants and the availability of the gallery during the year. The duration of the exhibitions varies from one to three weeks, depending on the density of Die Bäckerei´s cultural program during the period of the chosen year.

Individuals, collectives, associations as well as informal or established groups are invited to apply. Participation in this program is free of charge.

For more information and applications please write to: alberto[at]diebaeckerei[dot]at

*Pictures of the exhibitions of Thomas Medicus, Myriam Kraml and Florian Poellmann