Bee Colony

The latest buzzzzzzz!

The most recent collective to move in is the strongest in members – now more than 10 000 bees are busily working around and for Die Bäckerei. The outcome of a two-month bee residency exceeds the huge glass of homemade honey that they produce: the roof top garden and the whole neighborhood profit from the pollination by the useful creatures.

By the way, there is no reason to fear the carinthian carnica species: they are especially docile and they only sting when they see themselves in a life-threatening situation (for example when human feet or behinds are lowering down on them)

If you're thinking about acquiring buzzing housemates, you can get information and order at The concept for the rent-bees was developed in Carinthia and is a contribution to the preservation of the appealing insects. Their rapid recede caused by adventive mites, the lack of nesting sites, monocultural farming and chemical insecticides is endangering the whole of the ecological system.

You can visit the bee colony on the first floor of Die Bäckerei, but please announce it at the office first. (Christina and Johanna are the responsible bee keepers)