fünfzig und kunst erfahren - fifty and experiencing art

fünfzig und kunst erfahren offers people in their middle years a space for sensual creativity. Actively creating art, having exchanges with fellows about art and culture, training your perception-skills, getting to know an exciting field of activity, finding new friends... The art school fünfzig und kunst erfahren is a place where this is made possible.

The program of the art school extends over the entire year and is laid out for continuity. In courses that build upon each other in content one can gain or deepen artistic skills. The workshop groups are kept small to ensure an intense exchange. The courses and workshops are being held by professional artists and art facilitators. Flexibility and the promotion of the individual creative potential are in the foreground of the program fünfzig und kunst erfahren.

>> more: info[at]50und-kunsterfahren[dot]at / www.50und-kunsterfahren.at