European Voluntary Service - Project “Cultural EVS Experience @ Innsbruck” - Volunteering in an Open cultural platform. Participative & Creative Social media & Arts.

The staff members of “Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube” are looking for 1 EVS-volunteer who wants to support their team in cultural and artistic work starting in May 2017 until May 2018, for 12 moths. Apply for a 1 year EVS project in Innsbruck, Austria.

Application deadline is 8th of January 2017!

We are looking for a motivated volunteer who does not need visa!

Some info on the hosting organisation:

The cultural platform “Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube” has been hosting EVS volunteers since 2012. Two EVS volunteers are hosted at the same time, starting at different times of the year.

 The “Bäckerei” (German word for bakery) is an old former bakery and had not been used for ten years, until 2010. A motivated bunch of people put life into the building. It has now become a successful platform for cultural exchange in Innsbruck and should give the possibility to communicate and share different cultural themes, topics of interest, knowledge and know-how etc. There is no specific target group in “Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube”, we have a really wide range of activities suitable for a big spectrum of audience, interests and topics. For example, if someone wants to give weekly Yoga classes or a workshop or wants to organise a concert or an exhibition, this is possible.

 Die Bäckerei is a place of experimenting, offering an easy-to-use frame to try out things in the location of 1000m2 space. It should not be just a venue to rent for events. The goal is to support people in putting their ideas into reality and to arrange events together. Moreover the idea is to mix groups of interests and genres and different ages (also in double-events) to create a situation which is not very common but very interesting in the sense of communication, exchange and also networking.

 The aim is to get the people to participate and take part in events, workshops, concerts etc., in order to spread the idea of open arts and culture also among everybody. Our priority for 2017 is to improve our communication and social media, and therefore we would like to host a volunteer, no matter which gender, that has some interest or / and experience in this field!

Bäckerei is looking for one EVS volunteer who is motivated to support their organisation in the field of open cultural and artistic work, with the focus on social media and communication for one year, starting in May 2017.!


“Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube” is situated in the centre of Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, with 130.000 inhabitants. Bäckerei is located within a 10 minutes walking distance from the main train station. The volunteer will live in the centre of the town, in a shared flat. Innsbruck has several cultural venues, libraries, galleries, historic monuments and numerous bars, outdoor and indoor recreational facilities and mountains all around. Furthermore Innsbruck is very close to Switzerland, Germany and Italy. The community around our centre is quite active and plays a main role in the cultural scene of the city. Most of the projects developed here are run by dedicated and highly motivated local people. This makes Die Bäckerei-Kulturbackstube the main venue in Innsbruck where cultural production and diversity is created by locals.

Coordinating Organisation:

Verein G.u.G. / InfoEck – Jugendinfo Tirol,, Innsbruck

InfoEck is a local and regional youth information centre in Innsbruck, Tirol. We coordinate this EVS project, which means that we support the hosting organisation by taking responsability for the administration and finances and for the quality support of this project.

InfoEck coordinates 14 volunteers in the region of Tirol. The responsible coordinator does NOT receive applications, but is ready to answer open questions and to prepare the EVS project with the host, the selected volunteer and the sending organisation! The coordinator is Erika: (send your applications to Alberto, not to Erika!)

Tasks & Activities of the EVS volunteer @ Bäckerei:

• The volunteers will be part of the team at Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube and will need to bring in pro-active energy and engagement

• The volunteers will have the chance to accompany our organizers through cultural events and learn from them. The aim is to have smoothly run events as a result. We try to find a good solution for every specific event together in meetings with the organizers and we guide the volunteers through the preparation and the implementation of the event, e.g. advices in capacity, place, what to keep in mind, technique, how to organize the course of the event.

• Focus on communication, documentation and social media: the focus of the volunteer’s tasks will be on improving the Bäckerei’s social media appearance and communication. Parts of the tasks will be creating social media appearances and feeding these channels regularly, reporting about the event on a blog and on our webpage, taking pictures of events, making videos…

• Office work: developing ideas with the team – learning from staff members and bringing in own topics, learning how to implement an idea – active participation of the volunteers is welcome (especially in relation with social media and communication, but of course more!)

• Possibility to cook once a week for all the involved members of „Die Bäckerei“ as an intercultural and social act (this is up to the individual volunteer)

• Tool-workshop project (up to the volunteer) – working manually; handcraft skills can be developed

• Participating at regular team meetings and supervisions (weekly, or more often)

• Cultural management: They will be able to develop, organize and supervise cultural events: exhibitions, festivals, concerts, workshops...

• Maintenance of the venue.

 Profile of the EVS volunteer. We would be happy to host a volunteer who:

• Is between 18 and 30 years old

• Does not require a visa or residence permit for Austria for a 12 months EVS

• Has personal interest and/or experience in social media (!)

• Is open-minded, flexible, pro-active and communicative

• Is interested in learning about arts&culture and computer programmes

• Practical handcraft skills or willing to learn would be appreciated

• Some German knowledge would be very welcome (to work with social media)

• Is willing to find out about his/her skills in cultural work

Important info:

Volunteering in the field of arts & culture means needing to be flexible sometimes, being ready not to have a strict weekly schedule and to accept working hours also in the evenings and on weekends. In rare occasions, at very busy times, the volunteer’s work might exceed the working-hours limit (38h). In such cases, of course, the volunteer will get additional free time.

Application for the project:

Please send your CV and the enclosed APPLICATION FORM to the host organisation via e-mail! You can also send something creative to express your motivation additionally. Contact person is Mr Alberto Sanchez, E-mail: evs.volunteers[at]diebaeckerei[dot]at

Only complete applications and only applicants who do not require a visa can be considered. The selection will start on the 9th of January and the final decision will be taken about two weeks later by Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube and all applicants will be informed about their status.